Lazy SVG To Webflow

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How to use Lazy SVG?

1) Select your SVG

2) Right Click >  "Copy as SVG / Copy SVG Code".

2) Paste the code here and press the Lazy Button

3) Check the Result box

4) Click "Copy SVG" (Chrome/Firefox/Edge) or copy the updated code.

5) Navigate to the place for the SVG and paste it.

6) It will create "Embed Code" with updated SVG directly in webflow.

7) Set Display:Flex (Center/Center) on the embed element.

8) Adjust width/height/color to your desired values.

9) No more boring typing of "currentColor".

Not getting the right results?

Try to Outline Stroke or Merge Shapes!

Sometimes the SVG can be complex, but by outlining the stroke and merging the shapes you make sure there are only "fill" properties.

Got a few more seconds that you just saved?

Here you can let me know what you think!